Rawlog Dialog

The Rawlog dialog is used to debug AdiIRC and/or monitor raw IRC messages from/to IRC servers.

Rawlog can be opened from Menubar -> File -> Rawlog or by typing /rawlog.

The rawlog will automatically re-open if it was open the last time AdiIRC was closed.

By default only new debug/raw messages will be added, a buffer can be kept in memory by typing /setoption Misc RawlogBuffer N .. where N is the number of lines to keep. (setting N to 0 disables the buffer)

See also /rawlog, /debug, Scripts Debugger.

Debug tab

The debug tab in the right listbox shows AdiIRC debug data.

Server tabs

Each open server will have it's own tab in the listbox, it will list all incoming/outgoing raw IRC messages from/to the IRC server.

It can be useful for finding out if raw messages are being sent/received properly.

Outgoing messages are marked with the -> prefix, and incoming messages are marked with the <- prefix.

Save Rawlog

The data from a tab can be saved to a file by clicking the Save button.

Clear Rawlog

To clear the data from a tab click the Clear button.

Search Rawlog

The Rawlog can be searched by clicking the Search button or by pressing CTRL + F.

Attach/Detach Rawlog

Rawlog can be attached to become a regular MDI window or detached to become a desktop window by pressing CTRL + D.

Rawlog Treebar priority

To make Rawlog the first visible window in the Treebar/Switchbar, add Rawlog at the top of Options -> Windows Options -> Window Order.


Timestamps can be added/removed using /rawlog with the -t parameter or -d parameter, the setting is saved.

Listbox width

The Listbos can be resized by dragging the border between the Listbox and the Text Area, the width is saved.

Debug information in memory

By default the last 100 lines in the "Debug" tab is always saved in memory and added to the Rawlog when it opens.

It's possible to increase this value and add the last X lines from each server to memory as well by typing /setoption Misc RawlogBuffer N in the Editbox, where N is a number.

Automatically save debug tab data to file

Create a file called debug.txt in your AdiIRC config folder and the data from the debug tab will be automatically written to the file in real time.

This file can become big, either delete it when it's no longer necessary or clear it periodically.

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