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Per Amundsen, 03/11/2017 12:08 AM

Added in 2.7

/showmenu [-qnmcsuwa] [window|nick} [nick} [x y]

Shows the specified context-menu type for current active window or [window|nick].

By default the menu opens relative to the current active Editbox.

The menu


-q - Show the Query menu.
-n - Show the Nicklist menu.
-m - Shows the Menubar menu.
-c - Shows the Channel menu.
-s - Shows the Status menu.
-u - Shows the specified @custom menu.
-w - Shows the Window menu.
-a - Shows the Menubar as a context menu. (while the context menu is open, the regular Menubar will be empty)


[window|nick} - Window or query nick to open the menu for.
[nick} - The Nicklist/Query nick to open the menu for.
[x y] - The X and Y position to open the menu at (relative to the associated window).


; Opens the channel menu for the channel #test at x y position 42 42.
/showmenu -c #test 42 42

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