Added in 2.7

/showmenu [-qnmcsuwadil] [window|nick] [nick] [N] [x y]

Shows the specified context-menu type for current active window or [window|nick].

By default the menu opens relative to the current active Editbox.


Switch Description
-q Show the Query menu.
-n Show the Nicklist menu.
-m Shows the Menubar menu.
-c Shows the Channel menu.
-s Shows the Status menu.
-u Shows the specified @custom menu.
-w Shows the Window menu.
-a Shows the Menubar as a context menu. (while the context menu is open, the regular Menubar will be empty)
-d Indicates the [x y] positions are relative to the desktop instead of the active window.
-i Generates a text version of the menu which is sent through the on SIGNAL event.
-l Clicks the [N]th menu item.


Parameter Description
[window|nick] Window or query nick to open the menu for.
[nick] The Nicklist/Query nick to open the menu for.
[N] The Nth menu item to click, used with -l.
[x y] The X and Y position to open the menu at (relative to the associated window).


When using the -i switch the on SIGNAL event "adiirc_to_web_menu" is called, the text version of the menu is passed through $1- with the format: text,clickid,menustype\r\n


; Opens the channel menu for the channel #test at x y position 42 42.
/showmenu -c #test 42 42

; Show the whole Menubar menu when clicking a /toolbar item.
/showmenu -ad $toolbar(1).dx $toolbar(1).dy

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