Added in 2.9

/zip [-oculN] <name> <source> <target>

Zips a file or folder into a zip file or unzips a zip file into a folder.

See also $zip, $ziperr, on ZIP, on UNZIP.

Only available with .NET 4.5+


Switch Description
-o Overwrites the target zip file if it exists or overwrites existing files in the target unzip folder.
-c Aborts the zip/unzip operation.
-u Unzip instead of zip.
-lN Use compression method N, 0 = no compression, 1 = fastest compression, 2 = optimal compression.
-i Prints the open zip operations, if combined with -u prints the open unzip operations.


Parameter Description
<name> Name of the zip/unzip operation.
<source> The source file or folder to zip or the source zip file to unzip.
<target> The target zip file to zip to, or the target folder to unzip to.


; Zip the entire adiirc folder into ''
//zip name $qt($adiircdir)

; Print the zip result when then zip operation is finished.
on *:ZIP:name:echo -ag zipped $zip($zip).src into $zip($zip).dest status: $iif($ziperr,fail,ok)

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