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07:15 PM AdiIRC Feature #4166 (New): Quick Switch
This is purely a suggestion and doesn't need to be implemented. But it might be something useful if it were.
A qui...
Krystinalynn Maria
07:06 PM AdiIRC Bug #4165 (New): Network Label Color limitations
In the servers list, you are given the ability to "name" each connection and the option to use the given name as the ... Krystinalynn Maria


09:43 AM AdiIRC Feature #3984 (Closed): Address Book Suggestions
The address book is a useful function, but there are a few minor (and I mean really minor) tweaks that could be made ... Krystinalynn Maria


01:42 AM AdiIRC Feature #3728: Channel Icons
Multiple icons would just be another customization option for the client. Short of that, there would be no real reaso... Krystinalynn Maria


09:05 PM AdiIRC Feature #3728: Channel Icons
Fantastic job! I just started using the function in 3.2 and it works flawlessly. It did make me wonder though.
1.) W...
Krystinalynn Maria


06:47 AM AdiIRC Bug #3740: Editbox Font
Ahhh, that's why. The font I was using wasn't true type. I've since fixed the issue by getting a true-type version of... Krystinalynn Maria


04:51 AM AdiIRC Bug #3740 (Invalid): Editbox Font
A font bug exists in AdiIRC. If you change the font for the editbox from Options > Fonts > Font > Editbox, the change... Krystinalynn Maria


05:16 AM AdiIRC Feature #3729 (Closed): Add missing command /play and identifiers $play(), $pnick
One of the features that mIRC contains yet AdiIRC lacks is the /play function. It allows users to "play" the contents... Krystinalynn Maria
01:53 AM AdiIRC Feature #3728 (Assigned): Channel Icons
This is just a suggestion to further improve the ability to customize AdiIRC. The emoticons function allows us to rep... Krystinalynn Maria


01:22 PM AdiIRC Feature #3294 (Closed): Global Search
The search function in AdiIRC is powerful. But I think it can surpass mIRC's own search function. (For the record, I'... Krystinalynn Maria

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