Unicode/Font fallback

If you ever experience an issue with displaying unicode characters (which is not just an encoding issue), try enable Options -> Messages -> Use alternative text rendering.

Auth before joining a channel

If you need to be authed with nickserv before joining a channel, you can use the /sleep (or /timer) command in your serverlist "Run these commands on connect" field:

/msg nickserv identify <password>
/sleep 3 /join #channel1,#channel2

/sleep 3, means wait 3 seconds before running the following command.

The new serverlist has this feature built-in as well as SASL support which makes this a non issue.

Copy text from message buffer

When you select text from the message buffer, AdiIRC will automatically copy the text to the clipboard when you release the left mouse button.

If you prefer to manually press CTRL + C, you can go to Options -> Messages and disable AutoCopy selected text to Clipboard and AutoFocus Editbox.

These options might be merged into one soon as well as a feature to ask which method to use.

Problem connecting to TLS servers

If you experience problems connecting to a TLS only server, you can try the .NET 4.5 version which has support for TLS 1.1/TLS 1.2/TLS 1.3.

Disable or changing CTCP VERSION reply

You can disable or change the CTCP VERSION reply using the CTCP event in a small script.

This can be used for any CTCP request.

; Disable CTCP version reply.

; Reply with a custom version.
CTCP *:VERSION:*:ctcpreply $nick IRC Version 42 | halt

Disable notification popups/tips

Tips for various events can be disabled in Options -> Tips, to disable highlight tips, go to Options -> Highlights, in the listbox area select "$me", then click the "Edit" button, uncheck "Tip message" and click "Save".

Disable highlight sound/beep

Go to Options -> Highlights, in the listbox area select "$me", then click the "Edit" button, set the sound dropdown to "No sound" and click "Save".

Client certificates

AdiIRC supports only PFX certificates, you can convert a PEM certificate to PFX using this openssl format:

openssl pkcs12 -export -out mynick.pfx -in mynick.pem

For creating a new certificate, have a look here

Update to a beta release

To update to a beta release, just type /betaup.

Align a Toolbar item to the right

There is a tiny "|" separator to the right, if you right click the Treebar and choose "Customize", you are able to drag the item to the right of that border.

Speed up bnc buffer

Things you can try:

  • Make sure you are using latest beta.
  • Reduce Options -> Messages -> Max buffer.
  • Disable Options -> Monitor -> Monitor Channels/Servers.
  • Type "/setoption Links CaptureLinks False" to disable capturing links.
  • Enable Options -> Windows -> Minimize server/channel windows.
  • Disable/reduce channel backgrounds.
  • Disable/reduce emoticons.
  • Disable/reduce highlights.
  • Disable/reduce nick colors.
  • Disable/reduce on TEXT and on PARSELINE scripts.
  • Disable Options > Logging> Log channels.
  • Make sure Options -> Messages -> Use alternative text rendering is unchecked.
  • Make sure channel/main window is as large as possible (or smaller font) to avoid word wrapping.
  • Use fixed size message font.

How to change the default options used when connecting with /server

The default options used when connecting with /server or from Menubar -> File -> New window can be changed in Options -> Quick Connect.

Slow logon

Some networks tries to scan your port 113 to see if you have a Identd server running, if the port is closed or the identd server is not running, it can take a while for the scan to timeout, make sure Identd server is enabled in Options -> Server and that port 113 is open in your firewall and router. (AdiIRC does not yet support UPNP).

Undocking monitor panels into a window

When "Lock Bars" is disabled (right click any Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar/Statusbar/Treebar to enable/disable) you can left-click the header of the monitor panel or a tab and move it with the mouse, if you release the mouse in the middle of the AdiIRC main window, the monitor will become a standalone window.

The window can be docked inside AdiIRC as a regular channel window by pressing CTRL + D.

You can also undock the monitor panel into a window by right-clicking the header or tab and choose "Undock".

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