Added in 1.9.0

/window [-aAbBcCde[N]fg[N]hHij[N]k[N]l[N]mMn[N]opq[N]rRsST[N]uvw[N]xz] [-tN,..,N] [+bdeflLmnstx] <@name> [rgb|[x y [w h]]] [/command] [popup.txt] [font [size]] [iconfile [N]]

Creates or manipulates a custom window with a Topicbox/Editbox/Text area/Listbox depending on the parameters used, see Custom Windows for more information.

If -p is specified, a picture window is created which can be custom drawn using various commands/identifiers, see Picture Windows for more information.

Option Switches

Switch Description
-a Set as the active window.
-B Prevent window from using an internal border.
-c Close window.
-C Center window.
-d Create desktop window instead of child.
-e[N] Enable Editbox; 0 = single, 1 = multi, 2 = auto, 3 = default.
-f Makes the w h the required width and height of the text display area. (instead of the window size)
-g[N] Sets/removes window button color, 0 = normal color, 1 = message color, 2 = highlight color, 3 = system color (3 is (AdiIRC only)).
-h Hide window.
-H Enables auto-hide for a side-listbox.
-i Dynamically associate with whatever happens to be the active connection.
-j[N] Sets buffer size to N lines.
-k[N] Hides the @ prefix in the window name, 0 = hide prefix, 1 = show prefix.
-l[N] Add listbox, if N is specified then a side-listbox N characters wide is created.
-m Enable line marker in the window.
-n[N] Minimize window ([N] = TODO)
-o Sets the windows as the top most window. (used with -d)
-p Creates a picture windows.
-q[N] If N is 0 hides the nick column, if N is 1 shows the nick column. (AdiIRC only)
-Q[N] If N is 0 disables "Show on Desktop", if N is 1 enables "Show on Desktop". (AdiIRC only)
-r Restore window.
-s Sort the main window, whether text or listbox. (only listbox for now)
-S Sort the side-listbox.
-A Indicates the [rgb] parameter is defined, sets the forms transparency key to [rgb]. (AdiIRC only)
-T[N] Enable Topicbox; 0 = Show, 1 = Show Sticky, 2 = Off, 3 = default. (AdiIRC only)
-u Remove ontop setting of a desktop window.
-v Close window when associated status window is closed.
-w[N] Show/hide window from Treebar or Switchbar; 0 = hide from both, 1 = show in Switchbar, 2 = show in Treebar, 3 = show in both
-x Maximize window
-z[N] if N = 1, places window button at end of Switchbar/Treebar, if N = 0, restores original place. (Default is 1)
-Z Reset the window icon to default.

Tab Switches

Switch Description
-tN,..,N TODO

Appearance Switches

These causes graphical glitches for MDI windows because .net MDI does not like windows without proper borders.

Switch Description
+b Border.
+d No border.
+e 3d Edge.
+f Dialog frame.
+l Tool window.
+L Tool window. (hide from taskbar)
+n Minimize box.
+s Sizeable.
+t Titlebar.
+x Maximize box.


Parameter Description
<@name> Window name.
[rgb] The $rgb value used with the -t parameter.
x y [w h] Left top [width height] - position and size of window. (A -1 value for any of the parameters means use default (or existing) value).
/command Default command.
popup.txt Popup filename, must be plane text file. TODO
font [size] Font name [font size].
iconfile [N] Sets a custom Titlebar icon for the window. (N = TODO)


alias example1 {
  ; Create a desktop + picture window, Coordinates: (250,250), size 300x300.
  /window -dep @Example 250 250 300 300

  ; Color it with the control code color 3. (default is green)
  /drawfill @Example 3 3 1 1 100 100

  ; Draw text "Hello world!".
  /drawtext @Example 1 Arial 30 50 100 Hello World!

  ; Close the window.
  /window -c @Example

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