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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5804 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Kick/Ban links issue 06/19/2024 03:44 AM Actions
5803 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Windows 11 06/03/2024 11:23 PM Actions
5802 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Socket error - unable to connect to server 04/26/2024 01:54 PM Actions
5799 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Wallpaper shining through if maximized on secondary screen 03/02/2024 08:54 PM Actions
5796 AdiIRC Bug New Normal the tabs in the options dialogue and server list are not keyboard or screen reader accessible Per Amundsen 02/06/2024 12:17 AM Actions
5791 AdiIRC Bug New Normal System that indicates that the IRC server has been disconnected 12/08/2023 06:08 PM Actions
5790 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Editbox does not use set Font Per Amundsen 02/05/2024 09:28 AM Actions
5789 AdiIRC Bug New Normal notify Per Amundsen 12/07/2023 08:08 PM Actions
5785 AdiIRC Bug New Normal I've encountered an issue on Windows 11 with AdiIRC across all versions since January 2023. 11/26/2023 04:49 PM Actions
5780 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Support for additional image formats in inline images 10/17/2023 10:02 PM Actions
5779 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Add IRCnet's reop (+R) support to Channel editor. 09/26/2023 04:26 PM Actions
5778 AdiIRC Bug New Normal "Open Window on /msg" doesn't do anything, windows are still opened when this is disabled Per Amundsen 09/25/2023 10:29 PM Actions
5758 AdiIRC Bug New Normal /if breaks when missing parenthesis Per Amundsen 07/14/2023 12:37 AM Actions
5755 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Add /window +S to prevent sizeable Per Amundsen 07/12/2023 03:56 PM Actions
5737 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Default input warning is not centered sometimes Per Amundsen 06/07/2023 08:25 PM Actions
5730 AdiIRC Bug New Normal /parseline -b incorrectly UTF8 encodes text Per Amundsen 07/06/2023 02:58 AM Actions
5725 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Add STARTTLS support in Sockets Per Amundsen 05/04/2023 09:23 AM Actions
5721 AdiIRC Bug New Normal $url hangs the client and browser more than 20 seconds Per Amundsen 04/25/2023 01:21 AM Actions
5707 AdiIRC Bug New Normal While loop breaks when using $regex() Per Amundsen 04/11/2023 04:55 AM Actions
5649 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Custom user message font/size/color 01/02/2023 10:05 PM Actions
5602 AdiIRC Bug New Normal Identifiers in message options are variables Per Amundsen 07/18/2022 07:00 PM Actions
5601 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Custom nicknames in nicklist 07/18/2022 09:09 PM Actions
5600 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Inability to handle binary data Per Amundsen 07/18/2022 08:02 PM Actions
5591 AdiIRC Feature New Normal editbox 06/02/2022 08:07 PM Actions
5589 AdiIRC Bug New Normal TopMost Server's Channel List Got Reset After Enabling "Save Servers For Reconnect Next Launch" Per Amundsen 05/18/2022 12:14 PM Actions
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